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At Rider’s Claw, we strive to keep you up to date on all the latest motorcycle news. The tenth International Female Ride Day is fast approaching. More and more females are getting into riding which closes the gap of a male dominated activity. Whether male or female, remember to install your smart phone motorcycle mount when riding.

10th International Female Ride Day ~ shared by your Smart Phone Motorcycle Mount Resource

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iphone motorcycle mountMore and more ladies are getting into riding a motorcycle and this is, of course, very cool. And because ladies that ride had to mark their accomplishment with a special day, here’s the International Female Ride Day, celebrating its tenth anniversary this year.

The International Female Ride Day (IFRD) is a global ride day that originated from Canada. The event was initiated by Vicky Gray from the Canadian lifestyle and motorcycle magazine Motoress. What began as a small, yet assertive ride quickly gained global proportions as female riders from more countries decided to join hands in an effort to popularize motorcycling among their peers.

Introduced humbly in 2006, the International Female Ride Day set out to establish the first Friday in May as a day dedicated to all the women who ride motorcycles. The success of this initiative was overwhelming and exceeded the wildest anticipations, and not only in Canada.

The neighboring US, a country in which, by the latest statistic figures, 14 percent of the riding population are females, was the first and strongest advocate of the International Female Ride Day. By 2008, the news spread even more, and female riders from Australia, Greece, expanded North America, England, and the Netherlands joined the event.

Since then, the International Female Ride Day has been growing continuously, attracting riders from all walks of life, regardless of age, location, sexual orientation, nationality or race.

Official themed merchandise and apparel are available through Motoress, including t-shirts and even some really cool pendants. Like before, photo contests will also be held, so if you’re feeling inspired, grab your camera and follow the riding ladies in your area on May 7 for a shot at glory.

iphone motorcycle mountIf you want to learn more about the International Female Ride Day and even start a movement in your area, there’s hardly a better way than to get your info directly from the source. That is getting in touch with the organizers via the International Female Ride Day Facebook page or by paying a visit to Motoress.

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Full Article and Credits