Comparing top SmartPhone Motorcycle Mounts

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iPhone and other SmartPhone Motorcycle Mounts can be found at just about every dealership, swap meet, and rally. Most of them will last a season, maybe two and if you only pay $40 to $50; maybe you’re alright with the short lifespan of this accessory. But how often will you replace your SmartPhone Motorcycle Mount and are you really happy with a low quality accessory on your beautiful expensive motorcycle?  


Rider’s Claw has employed my services so that they can better understand motorcycle owner demographics, help them improve brand/market awareness for their products, and to improve their website performance. Now during my travels around the country by motorcycle I have seen just about all the gidgets and gadgets available for motorcycles and some are just blatantly cheap but folks still shell out hard earned cash on them. But why, oh why is it hard for the highest quality product in the market to get its due? In part I think it’s because folks see something useful, they think it is cool… but they have no idea that for a few more dollars, they can get far better quality.

And so my market research began…


I started by creating a survey which I circulated on social media strictly to motorcycle owner groups and avoided connecting Rider’s Claw in any way to the survey. I received 562 survey responses that told me the following facts from motorcycle owners.


1.       ­­ 10% of respondents have only owned 1 motorcycle in their lifetime. 45% have owned 2-3, 17% have owned 4-5, and 28% have owned more than 5 motorcycles in their lifetime. This tells me that the survey polled very serious motorcycle owners and I was on the right track for my research. 


2.       12% of respondents indicated spending between $0-$200 a year on motorcycle accessories. 29% spend between $200-$500, 31% between $500-$1,000, and 28% of respondents indicate spending over $1,000 a year on motorcycle accessories. This tells me folks invest far more per year than the cost of one Rider’s Claw SmartPhone Motorcycle Mount.


3.       88% of respondents classified their motorcycles as performance customized, cosmetic customized, customized in both areas, and completely custom built. The other 22% classified their motorcycles as totally or mostly stock. This tells me that folks truly invest their hard earned cash to make their motorcycles reflect who they are and how they ride.


4.       48% of respondents indicated using GPS during motorcycle rides. 64% indicated they listen to music while they ride. And 67% indicated checking weather while they ride. Of these respondents, 67% of them indicated using apps on their SmartPhone for these services. This tells me that folks value the resources they get on their SmartPhone.


5.       22% of respondents indicated they do or have owned a SmartPhone Motorcycle Mount.  This tells me that we have a great deal more folks to educate and serve.


6.       Of the 22% of respondents that do or have owned a SmartPhone Motorcycle Mount the top three characteristics preferred are: quality design, security of mount, and cosmetic appeal.


Upon completion of the survey, I set out to find the SmartPhone Motorcycle Mounts that are receiving the biggest buzz by Google, Yahoo, and Bing searches. I then went to each manufacturer to learn about the construction and materials used in their products, watched their install and product videos if available, and learned about the companies. Below I have created a characteristic comparison of the top three SmartPhone Motorcycle Mounts versus Rider’s Claw; I share my findings below.


Comparison of Ram Mounts, Tech-Connect, and TechMounts versus Rider’s Claw

Side By Side Comparison


What I have determined from my motorcycle owners survey and market research provided by the manufacturers is that, there is no comparison of quality to the Rider’s Claw SmartPhone Motorcycle Mount. That being said, please allow me to close out with my own factually influenced summation.


iPhone_5_ch_lgPerhaps not enough of us pay attention to products made in the USA, but I do believe this dedication has grown since 9/11; and for what it’s worth to the consumer, this can be very important. I would hope that it’s fair to say most of us that invest our hard earned cash into our motorcycles have a passion for our machines and want the companies we buy from to be motorcycle focused. I don’t want to buy my motorcycle parts and accessories from a place that also sells hand crocheted socks. Ok maybe I’m being a little extreme but really I want my motorcycle parts to come from a company that really KNOWS motorcycles. As for the quality of any accessory, I’m pretty sure 100% of us would agree that we want the absolute best quality product for the lowest price. Well, you can buy 3-4 plastic, China-manufactured mounts over the next several years, or you can buy ONE Rider’s Claw! I’m a cheapskate like nobody you know – I’m going for the best quality and value at $100 because I don’t want to do this again for a very long time. TheBracket manufacturing of a Rider’s Claw SmartPhone Motorcycle Mount is the closest you can possibly get to truly “custom” in today’s market. Rider’s Claw mounts were born from Ken’s absolute insane passion for perfection.  Furthermore, he is equally passionate about Customer Service. 


Go read all the product descriptions for the manufacturers above (and I have given you their website addresses because I have just that much confidence in my research and the claims I make about Rider’s Claw quality). You will see their parts and components may come from high quality plastic or springs, but they are ultimately still plastic and springs – materials that will eventually fail under the stress of road bumps, vibrations, sun, rain, and time.


Rider’s Claw began as a simple “what if” much like Harley Davidson and Indian Motorcycles. It grows slowly each year as it is family owned and operated. The fascinating part of their growth is the word of mouth and return customers. Please take some time and read through our 5-Star Reviews. As with any company that truly cares about customer relationships, Rider’s Claw is putting forth great efforts to understand better the motorcycling market which they serve. I certainly hope that this research project has helped you see SmartPhone Motorcycle Mount products in a whole new light. And I can confidently say without reservation that if you have any questions about this comparison article or the Rider’s Claw products, the staff at Rider’s Claw will gladly answer your questions. You WILL get a human on the phone that is part of the Rider’s Claw family.