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At Riders Claw, we strive to keep you up to date on all the latest bike news. Kosynier is putting out a new two-wheelre electric bike that resembles a cross between a century-old Harley-Davidson or Indian motorcycle. If you purchase one of these beauties, remember to pick up a smart phone motorcycle mount.

Kosynier Vintage eBikes Look like 100-Year-Old Motorcycles ~ shared by your smart phone motorcycle mount resource

by Florin Tibu / 10th May 2016

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Fancy riding a pedelec that looks like a century-old Harley-Davidson or Indian motorcycle? If you haven’t seen what Kosynier are up to, then you definitely should, because their two-wheelers are as stylish and luxurious as they get.

Obviously, luxury comes at a price, and the Kosyniers are anything but cheap, but after seeing how these bikes are made, we look at them with different eyes. The makers trying to bring these pedelecs to the market say that they have multiple choices and trims of their future products, meeting the demands of virtually any customer.

Kosynier plans to offer a Cruiser, a Boardtrack, a DeLuxe, and a Speed model. Prices vary from the $2,500 (€2,200) early bird price of the Cruiser without a motor to the envisaged $15,000 (€13,200) Speed model, limited to 31 units and embellished with carbon fiber elements. As far as the cheapest pedelec goes, its price is $3,600 (€3,160).

The unveiling of the first prototype is expected to take place this month (May 2016) and it will be a cafe-racer. The first Kosynier bikes, if the entire thing floats, could be delivered as early as March 2017.

On the tech specs side, Kosynier mentions that their bikes can also be delivered without a motor and battery pack, in a purist, old-school style.

However, since we’re more interested in electric bicycles, you should know that the Poles (Kosynier is a Polish project) can install motors that produce anywhere between 250 and 3,000 W. The autonomy reaches 80 km (50 miles) with the 48V 24Ah battery pack and the top speed of 50 km/h (31 mph).

As for the rest, these electric bikes DO have an authentic vintage look, thanks to the springer forks, whitewalls, premium leather handmade sprung seat, retro handlebars and all.

Honestly, it appears that vintage looks are rapidly becoming the new fad in the pedelec segment, and we love this! Similar two-wheelers such as those manufactured by Ariel or the Phantom E are only the first ones that come to mind, but we’d certainly love to see more of these.

However, with such prices, they will never make it big in the segment, as it’s been years since customers have become very careful with their money. Nevertheless, you definitely should visit the Kosynier Indiegogo page to learn more about these jewels.