Lady Rider’s Keep On Rollin – Booyah Babes!!!

Usually, I bring you news and articles of interest, but today I come to you from a personal perspective. Most folks know I have had a Rider’s Claw SmartPhone Motorcycle Mount on my Harley for over 4 years and praise it all the time. I have found an unending friendship in the Rider’s Claw family and will, in fact, be moving near what I affectionately call, my retirees in Florida.

On International Lady Riders Day, I was honored to be present as my friend Noelle, took off on a darn near crazy mission to reach 10 Harley Davidson dealers in the allotted time presented in the challenge. She did it and it wasn’t a super warm day. I was pleased to welcome her back to the Wild Fire Harley Davidson dealer. 

Rider’s Claw SmartPhone Motorcycle Mount … has not only connected my GPS, tunes, weather, and more easily and safely while riding; they also connected me to some excellent opportunities. 

This coming June 15-18, 2017; I’ll be honored to speak at the MidAtlantic Women’s Motorcycle Rally in Port Royal, VA – ALL ARE WELCOME!!! 

smartphone motorcycle mount


So for the love of my Rider’s Claw family, Lady Riders, All Riders, and Freedom; thanks for reading along all these years. 

Ursula aka The B.R.O.A.D.