Restricting Ethanol Limits in America’s Fuel

Restricting Ethanol Limits in America’s Fuel ~ Shared by your smart phone motorcycle mount resource

At Rider’s Claw we strive to keep you up to date on all the latest motorcycle news. Ethanol limits are being placed by the EPA to put a cap on the percentage of ethanol that can be used in gasoline. Either way, you need your smart phone motorcycle mount to ride on regardless of the ethanol content in your gasoline. 
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NCOM Board Member Dave “Animal” Reid (Touring Groups Liaison to the National Coalition of Motorcyclists) recently reported that; “I sent a letter to my congresswoman about the EPA’s desire to increase the ethanol content up from E-10 to E-15, and what it might do to all manner of small and air cooled motors.
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She responded, saying that a congressman from Texas had introduced a bill that would prohibit the EPA Administrator from introducing anything greater than 9.7% into the fuel supplies.
Folks of both our Confederation of Clubs (COC) and ABATE inquired about the bill, and I’ve tracked it in the U.S. House of Representatives – it’s fresh and has quite a list of co-sponsors, so with other changes happening in the world, with the bipartisan support it seems to have, it may see some forward movement.”
That measure, House Resolution 5180, was introduced on May 10, 2016 by U.S. Representative Bill Flores (R-TX) “to alleviate the ethanol blend wall under the renewable fuel program,” and has been referred to the Committee on Energy and Commerce.  H.R. 5180 currently has 103 cosponsors from both sides of the aisle.
The bill effectively circumvents the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) mandates for increasing levels of ethanol in our gasoline, capping the level at E-10, stating “the Administrator shall not determine any renewable fuel obligation for a calendar year that would result, directly or indirectly, in the introduction into commerce in the United States of a total volume of ethanol contained in transportation fuel that is greater than 9.70 percent of the total volume of gasoline projected to be sold or introduced into commerce in the United States for such calendar year.”