Rider’s Claw Quality

Why is Rider’s Claw a high quality aluminum mount smartphone mount for a motorcycle?

The Best Quality Mount on the Market

Rider’s Claw smartphone motorcycle mounts and iPod mounts secure directly to your Harley Davidson clutch or brake perch controls. It also secures to metric cruisers with a high-end bar clamp that doesn’t slip.

Each high quality aluminum mount is comprised of the mounting hardware and the mount.&nbsp;<strong>The Rider’s Claw is precision CNC machined from T6061aircraft grade aluminum.&nbsp; No die cast seams, no plastic, no springs. Just pure quality materials that are nearly indestructible.</strong> The aircraft grade aluminum goes through several steps when being created. It’s polished, copper plated, polished again, nickel plated and then chrome plated for durability. The polishing and plating protect the sun’s UV rays, rain, salt, and bugs, and will never rust. A Black polyurethane e-coat is also available if chrome is not your thing.

The Rider’s Claw is designed to hold your smartphone in-place so that it will never vibrate out of position.&nbsp;Each mount is designed within millimeters to fit specific phones with/without specific cases. It is NOT a one-size-fits-all or adjustable mount.&nbsp;The problem with competitor mounts that “adjust” is that they also un-adjust.&nbsp;The Rider’s Claw is a true custom fit that is ROCK SOLID.&nbsp;Functionality aside, it also looks great on any machine.