Roll On…To Quality Motorcycle Mounts

Hellooooo!! My buddy Ken, owner of Rider’s Claw® and purveyor of fine motorcycle mounts for smart phones and iPods, has asked me to manage his blog. I’m Ursula, aka The B.R.O.A.D. ™. Rider’s Claw has supported and sponsored me for over three years. I am honored to use my expertise as a Virtual Assistant to help Ken put Mr. Google to work. I enjoyed the hilarity in his first blog post; though he is an exceptionally brilliant man, his time is best spent bringing the world top-notch motorcycle mounts – not worrying with keywords and interactive websites.

With that … we Roll on

I’ll be brief in my own introduction for those that might be interested. In 2012 I sold nearly everything I owned to set off on a solo female nomad journey through the USA on my 1995 Harley Davidson 883 Sportster. If you know anything about motorcycles; My Girl wasn’t exactly a touring bike. Ken believed in me and while I was to manage my Virtual Assistant business from the road, he provided me an extra opportunity to make some greenbacks promoting Rider’s Claw. In preparation, he hooked me up with Cycle Sounds speakers, a Rider’s Claw for my iPhone 6s, and a direct connect phone charger for my motorcycle. I have to say, I was so tickled to have tunes on my bike and what a huge plus to have my GPS at my fingertips. I didn’t plan extensive routes, but rather made a heading and just ensured I didn’t get too far off track. Over time Ken and his family became dear friends and our partnership was secondary to the support and love they provided me. Most particularly, when I was hit head-on six months into my journey and lost part of my left leg; Ken and his family never gave up on me.

For my friend, I continue to help him in his business endeavors. For you, I intend to bring some fun and information. And for me, I intend to keep riding until my asphalt runs out.

Wishing you Peace, Hugs, and Pipes that Rumble ™

Ursula aka The B.R.O.A.D. ™ (Babe Riding Out A Dream) ™

The B.R.O.A.D. ™ in partnership with Rider’s Claw

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