Indian Motorcycles Unveils Scout Racer


Indian Motorcycle Company has taken off after coming back to life in the USA. It’s exciting to see this new Scout FTR750 Flat Track Racer. Rider’s Claw wishes Indian and their race team much success. We will be watching for more exciting news. For you road warriors, if you head out to the races, be sure to have your Rider’s Claw smartphone motorcycle mount ready for action. GPS your trip to the races and listen to your favorite tunes while you ride.

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Finally, Indian unleashed its new Indian Scout FTR750 flat track race bike at the 76th annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. Furthermore, Sturgis is the latest milestone in the historic return to professional flat track racing for the brand. The Scout FTR750 represents Indian Motorcycle’s bid for a strong return to AMA flat track racing.

The new Indian Scout FTR750 features a high-revving, custom V-Twin engine and is wrapped in a unique steel frame that allows for a tight wheelbase, large airbox, and lightweight carbon fiber body. Furthermore, the design of the race bike reflects the heritage of Indian racing models from history including the Big Base Scout; a historic bike that won in Daytona, dominated events across the country, and is still raced in Vintage competition today.

While there is no word from Indian on whether a production version of the FTR750 will hit the streets; it does seem to signal that the brand is looking to take on old rival Harley-Davidson in the 750cc market. Polaris, Indian Motorcycle’s parent company, has a track record for previewing new engines in motorsport (such as the engine found in the new Victory Octane) before committing to production.

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