Spring Riding Tips From Your Motorcycle Mount Resource

Rider’s Claw, your resource for motorcycle phone mounts and MP3 mounts wants to share with you some great tips for preparing yourself and your motorcycle for a new riding season. To enjoy a great season of riding you want to be sure you have looked over motorcycle and your gear; as well as mentally preparing yourself for the road.

Rider’s Claw wants you to enjoy your ride safely. If you need a quality phone or MP3 motorcycle mount to add music and GPS to your riding experience; come on over and we will help you setup your bike for the season. We also offer Cycle Sound speakers for those motorcycles that are not equipped with a stereo system.

Motorcycle Check:

  • Check your tires for air pressure; tread wear, cracks, and damage.
  • Check your electronic gauges, all lights including turn signals, horn, low and high beams, and brakes lights. Note: Though your gauges and control panel lights may appear to be working, be sur photo motorcycle-wheel.jpge to watch them during your few rides to ensure they are truly working properly.
  • Check your fluids including brake, clutch, coolant, engine and primary oils. Also make sure you run through some quality fuel on your first few rides. Some motorcycles run best on high octane and others run fine on regular; see what your manual suggests.
  • Check steering & shocks to make sure steering is not grabbing and that the shocks did not freeze-up.
  • Check the motorcycle nuts and bolts to ensure everything is tight and none are missing.
  • Check spoked rims and make sure all the spokes are properly tightened. This could take a little time but it is well worth it.
  • Check your brakes and visually determine if you have enough brake left and ensure there is no rust and that all components are properly tightened.
  • Check that your air and fuel filters are clean and free debris.
  • Check that your stereo speakers and wiring are in good condition. If you have a system such as the Cycle Sounds speakers with a direct charger to your Rider’s Claw; be sure the wires are in good condition. (For many smart phones, you can get a waterproof case such as those from Otter Box, so that you can still see and hear your music and GPS through the system. Plus it helps eliminate the need to stop and put your phone away when it begins to rain.)

Riding Gear:

  • Check your helmet and be sure the lining and straps are in good condition. Be sure your visor is not scratched and that the hinges are in good condition.
  • Check your gloves to see if the leather is worn or deteriorating. photo boots.jpg
  • Check your sunglasses and clear glasses to make sure you have both of course and that they are not scratched and that the hinges are in good condition.
  • Check that your boots are in good condition including good laces, good traction on the soles, and that they are not cracked or worn. You may want to waterproof them again with a quality waterproof conditioner.
  • Check your leather jacket and chaps for wear and you may wish to apply a fresh leather conditioner.
  • Check that your rain-suit is also in good condition. A rain suit isn’t much help if there are holes.

The First Ride:

  • Take your time to listen and feel your motorcycle for the first few rides. This will help you double check the operation of the machine and check that your gauges are actually working properly.
  • If you’re in an area where winter prevents riding, remember that the motorists around you haven’t seen motorcycles on the road for a while. Use extreme caution and wear highly visible gear. Use hand signals inline with your motorcycle’s signals. Make eye contact with motorists and do not be afraid to use the horn and high beams to make motorists aware that you are near them.
  • Practice your emergency stopping and evasive avoidance maneuvers. Practice your hard turns and curves. REFRESH your skills!!
  • Remind yourself to watch your surroundings and your mirrors. Position yourself in the safest position on the road.