Competition challenges students to design motorcycle race engine – shared by your iphone motorcycle mount resource

At Rider’s Claw, we strive to share the latest motorcycle news.The Esteco Academy of Design is allowing students to design a four stroke cylinder engine which provide real work experience in the field as well as engineering skills. We hope if you’re out riding soon to remember your smart phone motorcycle mount while riding.

Competition challenges students to design motorcycle race engine ~ shared by your smart phone motorcycle mount resource

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The Esteco Academy Design Competition 2016 is aimed primarily at engineering faculties, and is open to teams of undergraduate and graduate students around the world. Teams of up to five people will be required to submit designs for a powerful but efficient four stroke single cylinder engine with a maximum 250cc and 17,500RPM. The projects must make use of Esteco’s modeFRONTIER platform and Gamma Technologies’ simulation solution, and can also involve other CAD programmes as well as software such as Excel.

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“[It’s] a great opportunity for students that are stepping into the working world,” said Enrico Nobile, Professor of Thermal Fluids at the University of Trieste and scientific advisor at ESTECO.

“Competing teams will benefit from a hands-on experience – and learn how to balance the use of cutting edge software technology with their engineering skills – in the quest for the optimal design.”

An webinar outlining the engineering challenge, followed by a Q&A session, will be hosted on September 22 by Mario Manganelli, racing engine development manager for Aprilia Racing. Registrations must be completed by November 30 2016, and final submissions must be made by the end of April 2017. The winners will be announced in June of next year, and will receive a six-month internship with the Aprilia Racing team.

Full rules for the competition plus information on how to register can be found here, and a video with an explanation of the competition can be seen here.