To Blog or Not To Blog…

As we prepare to formally launch our NEW Rider’s Claw web site, we have chosen to include a “BLOG” which I will make every effort to maintain with some intuitive substance.

Speaking of “intuitive”, if you’re reading this now, the new site is officially launched so I’d like to first throw out a THANK YOU to Intuitive Websites for their professional and creative efforts in the development of our new, and interactive website. Now user friendly from your computer, tablet or smartphone… we hope our new look is a refreshing upgrade.

I will have to admit, this is not only the first “blog” I’ve written but the first one I’ve read as well. I Googled the word “blog” (to gain some insight) and couldn’t help but wonder… “Blog”? Who came up with this word in the first place?

Quite honestly, Mr. Google likes blogs and considers them a means to search web sites for updated content and “keywords” so that your website stays fresh and finds its way to that special #1 spot when people perform a search.

In any event, I’m going to do my best to stay in touch with you all through this blog at least once or twice a month. I’ll be using keywords like Rider’s Claw and motorcycle mount, iPhone mount, Harley Davidson and Otterbox or Lifeproof cases (OK, that was just for Mr. Google). I’ll be sharing my thoughts, my humor and especially my sarcasm on subject matter that will deal with motorcycle riding, greatmusic, and other cool fun stuff along the way. My punctuality won’t be perfect (apparently, it’s supposed to be)… but it will be entertaining.

I hope you’ll come back and check it out when you’re surfing the web and are really bored. My mind is already spinning about my next subject. I think it’ll be something along the lines of “When I ride, I justwant to hear the wind and sound of my pipes… ARRR”

Your Ride… Your Music

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