Women Riders Breaking Records

At Rider’s Claw, we strive to bring you all the latest motorcycle news. We have female employees and female sales reps that ride their own motorcycles. Rider’s Claw is excited to see lady riders taking the big step in showing their riding grit. We wish these ladies much success in breaking the record and we will look forward to hearing how the events turns out.

Women Riders Breaking Records ~ shared by your Smart Phone Motorcycle Mount resource

Sisters who ride on two-or-three wheels, let’s show what we are made of and set a world record for the most women on motorcycles in one place! We are striving to bring together at least 5000 female bikers to the biggest event of its kind ever – a major Sisterhood of the Asphalt Ribbon rally in Houston, TX.

The Lace, Grace and Gears Rally will serve three main purposes:
• Set an impressive world record.
• Benefit a unique veterans cause.
• Promote motorcycle riding among women.

Check out our FB page and join us for this exciting, record-breaking event.

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